[Watch]: Harry Styles Releases “Kiwi” Music Video

Harry Styles finally released his video accompanying "Kiwi" and it did not disappoint with the fun, silliness and abundance of sugary treats. 

Harry Styles, formerly of One Direction and now massively successful solo artist in his own right, released the video for “Kiwi” the most recent single off of his self-titled solo debut.

The playful and silly video suits the rambunctious nature of the song itself, featuring school children, baked goods and of course, puppies. The video stars young actress Beau Gadsdon, who may be recognizable to some for her role as young Jyn in last year’s Rogue One: A Star Wars StoryThe video opens with Gadsdon wearing a fabulous Gucci blue floral suit, walking into a school with a box of cupcakes.

Gadsdon enters a gymnasium, where there are a dozen or so other kids brandishing various baked goods as weapons. On several occasions, we cut to a giant mountain of baked goods in the middle of the gymnasium, as if we’ve entered into the bake sale equivalent of a Mad Max movie. A glorious food fight ensues, leaving the children covered in cake and frosting.

Styles doesn’t show up until the latter half of the video, wearing a blue floral suit identical to that of our young leading lady. Styles is brandishing a weapon of his own, a cuddly little golden retriever pup, as he enters the gymnasium. Following behind is an entire cavalcade of adorable puppies, who sweep in to clean up the aftermath of the baked goods massacre like a fury army of little janitors. The video ends with Styles and all of the children, covered head to toe in baked goods, posing for a picture.

“Kiwi” is the third single off of Styles’ self-titled debut, following “Two Ghosts” and “Sign of the Times.” Along with his successful first venture as a solo artist, 2017 also had Styles taking on the world of acting with his first feature film role in Christopher Nolan’s war epic Dunkirk. 


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