Use This Music Promotion Tool To Build Funds For Your Next Project

Need money for an upcoming project? Jumpstart your music promotion tools and build funds for your next project with these kickstarter sites. 

Crowdfunding sites are heavily used as a go-to place for musicians who want to use this avenue as music promotion in order to lift their projects off the ground. These platforms give the perfect opportunity to join a close knit community where entrepreneurs connect with patrons – or in this case musicians, connect with die hard and potential fans who are willing to offer financial backing. Singer/songwriter of Dresden Dolls, Amanda Palmer, used this method and raised around $1.2 million for her debut album, making it of the most successful campaigns in crowdfunding history. It’s obvious that this can be done and just because you aren’t there yet, there’s no need to throw in the towel.

How Does It Work?

Principally, you pitch your music promotion idea, with a fundraising goal in mind and the deadline to achieve that goal. Supporters – or backers as they are known in this sector – can view your pitch and if they like it, they’ll sure support it!

Sounds like a great plan, doesn’t it? However, before you rush off with this newfound idea, you need to figure out which crowdfunding site will work best in your favour. To save you time, here are some of the sites that, with serious strategic planning, can definitely lift your project and your career off the ground.

Pledge Music

With a community with over three million fans – who spend on average $60- plus more than 50,000 artists, Pledge Music is considered one of the largest crowdfunding sites for music projects. Over 80 percent of the projects featured on this site reached their financial goal. Best of all, you only pay if you reach your goal – and if you do, there’s a flat fee of 15 percent.

Pledge Music is renowned for offering better ways for musicians to connect with loyal and prospective fans which makes it an ideal platform for promoting gigs, upcoming releases and merchandises.

Signing up seems relatively straightforward and you’ll receive marketing and sales tips from music industry experts. If you have merchandise to sell, they can also recommend partners who can sell your goods on your behalf.

If you venture out with this crowdfunding site, make your music promotion pitch stand out from the crowd as established acts use this site, including Wu Tang Clan and Pet Shop Boys – so it could be the case of feeling like a fish in an ocean. Or you can turn it into a positive and gain some ideas from their campaign?


Starting out in 2001, ArtistShare is one of the web’s first ‘fan-funding’ sites, paving the way for the new kids, such as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, on the fundraising block. This veteran platform connects artists with fans giving them the opportunity to participate and observe stages of the creative process by funding the project. This platform is ideal if you have an ongoing musical project.

As part of the creative process, many artists on this site offer invitations to recording sessions, VIP access to live performances and limited edition of the work (e.g. album) ahead of the release.

Like Music Pledge, ArtistShare is used by an assortment of prestigious artists, including Grammy Award-winning musicians as well as Pulitzer Prize and Oscar nominated writers, so you’ll definitely be in very good company there.


Although it’s a platform that hosts campaigns from various industries, IndieGoGo is one of the top places for musicians looking start a campaign on more unconventional projects. However musicians featured on this site launch a single or album campaign with most offering links to their project ahead of the release

Since its launch in 2008, IndieGoGo is considered one of the largest crowdfunding sites, boasting a community of more than nine million backers across the globe. To date, IndieGoGo has helped more than 800,000 innovators with unique projects/products, with almost 50 percent of the projects surpassing their fundraising goal.

IndieGoGo share similarities with Music Pledge: you get to keep the funds even if you don’t reach the financial target and they can hook you up with partners, assisting with sales and manufacturing plus they offer an extensive guide to run a successful campaign.


It’s safe to say that this site is one of the heavyweights in the crowdfunding world and is rapidly making its name in the music industry also – this is where Anna Palmer raised $1.2 million for her debut album. So it comes no surprise that thousands of indie and established artists used this platform to elevate their career.

Kickstarter is known for featuring multifaceted campaigns, so the users can customise their pitch. For example, large projects can be broken down into packages and a FAQ section can be created for backers who have further queries about the project.

Kickstarter started out back in 2009, making the platform one of the youngest in the crowdfunding world. Since its launch, it has garnered a community of over ten million people who have backed at least one project .To date, more than 136,000 campaigns reached the financial goals of which over 26,000 were music-related, so the successful rate is very achievable. Please note: campaigns that don’t reach their goals the funds will not be released.

Tips To Consider About The Crowd Funding: 

– To maximise your chances, don’t just launch a standard campaign, where you’re shaking that proverbial cup, pleading for fans to donate funds. Offer some sort of a reward in lieu of your supporters’ financial backing. Offering up a link to a song from your upcoming album or invite them to your gig with the possibility of meeting you backstage. Or Perhaps you can start a ‘ruffle –ticket’ style campaign, where your fans give money in a hope of winning a prize.

– If you’re planning to launch a massive campaign, split the project into attainable goals – that way, you’re more likely to hit your fundraising/financial target. Indie rapper Dutch ReBelle pitched for a financial backing of $15,000 for her forthcoming album. She achieved this by offering several packages to various audiences – fellow musicians, producers and music lovers/fans. The result was she reached over 30 percent of her goal and that was within a month.

– Treat your project like a political campaign: although crowdfunding sites have a community millions of backers, it won’t hurt to go further afield – promote your pitch on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram LinkedIn, Google Plus or wherever. You could even share link to the pitch to friends and family through WhatsApp, Messenger or a simple text/SMS.

These are just some of the big names in the world of crowdfunding. If you can find a way of utilising these platforms for music promotion, why not give it a go; start putting your next pride and joy into real action. Good luck!

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