The Artist’s Guide To Music Promotion Press Releases

Discover how music promotion press releases are a free way to market and promote your brand as newsworthy media stories.

Professional artists know the basic tools for music promotion. Websites, fan email lists for newsletters and a good elevator pitch that conveys the artist’s musical brand in a couple of sentences are all necessary for telling listeners, “Hey! Great new music over here.”

But did you know that getting media attention is another skill you should learn?

When you want to spread your news to either a much wider audience or to a specific group of people, you need learn the skill of writing press releases as part of your music promotion strategy. A press release is a written or recorded communication designed to be used by newspapers, magazines, websites and any other news related media. Their audience can be your audience if you present yourself as a PR savvy professional.

A press release for music promotion should focus on three major parts.

  1. An eye-catching headline needed to attract eyes and make the reader want to know more information.
  2. Followed by body copy that will likely be published as is, since news professionals won’t have the time to research and rewrite it.
  3. At the end, your website and contact information.

Headline your music promotion press release with an eye-catching, short version of your point either in bold or in all caps at the top. “KINGS OF BANJO 2ND CONCERT ANNOUNCED. TICKETS ON SALE NOW CAMDEN COUNTY CIVIC CENTER BOX OFFICE.” Your headline should draw readers in, but also be short enough for tweeting with space for hashtags and comments.

Keep your keywords in the first half of the headline of your music promotion press release. If someone is searching for “banjo,” or “banjo concert,” they will more likely see your headline in their search results. Only the first 65 characters, including spaces, typically appear.

If you have trouble thinking of an engaging headline, start writing the body copy instead. By the time you end your music promotion press release, the key point will be more obvious and then you can craft a good headline.

Body copy usually begins with the city of origin and date. But if you’re writing out of Oklahoma City about something happening in Philadelphia, leave the city off to avoid confusion.

Your first sentence should start with the reason for the press release. In our example, you might want to use, “The celebrated Kings of Banjo today announced a second concert appearance at the Camden County Civic Center.” Then keep expanding on your key point, sentence by sentence, to draw readers all the way to the end.

Make your sentences compact and easy to read. The information should be obvious. Who are you? You’re the Kings of Banjo, based out of Oklahoma City, bringing favorite hits as well as original banjo music to folk music fans. Include your website, major previous and current releases, and other projects.

Keep going with the basics. What are you doing? You’re announcing tickets are on sale for a second show. Where? Camden County Civic Center. When? Today.

Fill in the gaps with newsworthy facts to make clear and clean music promotion copy. Look for examples online. Include a tweetable quote, like, “Stan King, lead banjo, says, ‘Camden County is famous for its love for banjo music.’” End with your contact information and another mention of your website.

News outlets receive many press releases a day and they make instant decisions on what will run. Only the most pertinent, intriguing and error-free submissions will make the cut. They won’t edit it either, so get another set of eyes to check your grammar before sending.

Now that you have the most interesting and perfectly written music promotion press release, your next task is to find places to send it. Research the name and contact information of the editor or journalist that needs to see your press release. For example, the area newspapers, local events blogs and music journals make the most sense. Maybe the Camden County Civic Center has a newsletter that has space to mention your second show.

The best time to send it is first thing in the morning a day or so before your announcement date, so there’s time for formatting or printing your news in the context of a story. You can also specify at the top left that your press release is either available for immediate release or is under embargo until a specified date.

The best part about using press releases for music promotion is that it’s free. Keep the buzz going and start writing stories about what you and the other Kings are doing throughout your tour or project. You’ll be media darlings while you’re building your brand and your fan base.


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