How To Shoot A 360 Virtual Reality Video

Virtual Reality is changing the way musicians are able to interact with their audiences. Use of 360 videos, will change the way you connect with fans.

Virtual reality is the present and is bringing even more to the future. Not only can you create a video that gives your fans a story, but you can now make them part of the story. If people can’t make it to a show, sooner than later you’ll be able to sell virtual reality tickets so they can be there without actually having to travel there.

When it comes to 360 videos, now is the time to start utilizing the use of them as it is still so new. Virtual reality, 360 degree videos are allowing musicians to come full circle with their music and tell the stories that they want.

Now, how do you exactly create these videos? We have created the perfect list of how to make 360 degree, virtual reality videos, with or without 360 specific cameras.

Use these tools to bring your music to the next level and connect with your fans.


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