Why Artists Choose Festivals to Gain Exposure in the Music Industry

Artists usually choose festivals because the event of a festival is in fact bigger than the music itself. Festivals need of an immense work, and at the same time they define an important  concept about the music business. Sponsors, brands, entertainment companies, and artists join effort to make of a festival an amazing live experience.

That is something artists consider before applying for one of those events. Either being an underground or a mainstream artist, the possibility of performing for millions of people is incredible exciting, and if we add the point of doing it in a new city or country the reward is even better. Furthermore, artists and managers know how important is to amplify and buffer audiences and sponsors, so festivals frequently represent the perfect combination for both.

Not only festivals are fun in a maximum exponent, but also mean the possibility of being  exposed to  millions of people who did not know about your band before, which is a main aspect for artists in the music industry. Indeed, exposure is something mindful for artists since nowadays social media is packed with thousands of new artists who try to head out the mass. Having the opportunity of performing  in a festival for millions of people is like a dream coming true. Usually festivals organizers choose their line up from the bottom, which gives to new  acts the opportunity of lighting out and show off themselves .

Artists become public, so professionals have the option of  meeting those new bands and artists  in the backstage, making new contacts, networking, interacting with companies and public, and overall enjoying the experience of being out the standard regular daily life while enhancing their careers.

Acts notice the feedback from a public. Those who are there just to  have fun without notizing who is on the stage are different from those who are there to vibrate with the music, enjoy the moment,  and their music. In this point the organizers, promoters, brands, and companies associated to the creation of the festival have a lot to say. Many festivals rise because of popularity, but before that it has been a huge effort to reach that standard of professionality.




As part of the audience, discovering music and artists is in fact implicit. Even though some people have never heard about  a band, listening to the music might no doubt  create new fans. People who pay for a festival are looking for a  joyful experience and fun, so  the positivity from the public is a guarantee as well as the feeling of belonging to a bigger spectrum  of music lovers.  Audience is the best buzz of a festival, and its opinion makes the name of the festival as well as underline the artist´s name among others. In a time  which  fan´s  influence is main, being part of that process makes the music experience even more exciting.

Artists engage the public in a very different way in festivals by performing on a stage for millions of people, and their reward is not only economic. They are able to experience the gratification of growing in professionality, being seen as an emerging name, belong to a genre and share their music with other audiences, exchange knowledge, collaborate, and grow.

Choosing a festival as a platform to expand your exposure and your carreer as an artist is something than ensure the development of your professionality and cultivate the relationship with the music industry.


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