How Music Showcasing Benefits You

Figuring out how to properly do a music showcasing event is important. Learn the steps you can take to make your gigs go above and beyond. 

For artists who are trying to get their music heard, there many options for their songs to become fan favorites. Many artists use music showcasing for a multitude of reasons. Some showcase their music for getting new music heard, while others use their music showcasing talents as a way to book venues, get exposure and gain media success. There are also artists who would love to expand their merchandise sales as well as have their talents shared and use music showcasing to their advantage as it is an extremely helpful way to up merch sales. 

As these are all important reasons for booking gigs, it can take time to figure out the most effective way to use music showcasing to your advantage. Here’s how to go about making sure you book the perfect gig:

Choosing A Theme

One way to have a successful showcase is to pick a theme that works well for the music that is being performed. Choosing a theme says a lot about the thought that is put into how you want to represent your music. Picking a nice theme to showcase music will also let agents, producers, record labels, etc. see how the artist brands themselves and who they are. The theme or the environment of the showcase tells others how hard the artist has worked as they have taken what they’ve recorded and the vision they had and brought it to life. 

Artistic Collaboration

When an artist puts together their own showcase, it gives them the opportunity to decide which peer they would want to be on stage. Collaborating with certain artists are very important, because depending on who is invited to the showcase, guests will see how well the artist may sound with others. This can lead them to getting collaborations with other artists in the future and let people in the music industry know that they are good to work with. Whether choosing local artists or out of state artists, when looking for a collaboration with other artists, it should be greatly considered if the collaboration of the artists will help with the promotion.

Creating Media Relationships

Having a showcase with various media outlets or bloggers can be a very positive outcome for the artist. The building of relationships with the media, is important as artists will know that with every new song or album they put out, the media and bloggers may be tempted to promote their music even more. For the media to see an artist perform live shows them they are capable of putting on and eye grabbing show as well as someone to watch on their radar. Many outlets want to be the first to claim helping that artist breakout. Artists will have a better chance at touching the ears and hearts of music lovers as well as getting new fans as well as keeping the fans that has loved their music since the beginning. More importantly, it is beneficial as an artist to have a strong relationship with the media and bloggers. The media can help the musician get the buzz of their showcase going and bring them a new audience as they promote them on their sites. 

Build a Fan Base

Even though the artist may have a fan base before doing music showcases, a huge goal is to continue to expand. The gig will bring in more music lovers fas well as fans spreading the word that the artist having good music. Artists getting heard by a bigger audience means more posts on social media and fans telling their friends about the new artist they discovered. It’s a win, win as the artist gains fans and the audience gets good new music!

Brand Expansion

The most important reason for having a showcase for an artist, is to expand the brand of the artist. Even though making music is supposed to be made because the artist has a passion for it, business opportunities can also arise from having a showcase. Whether working with sponsors, apparel stores or making sure that the media outlets lets the community know their name, an artist has to make sure that the showcase brings various opportunities to grow in business.

Artists can learn a lot from music showcasing. It can let the artist know how they want their performances to go, learn what fans love as well and know what business opportunities they may want to pursue. 

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