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The way you generate buzz for your music is the key to building your fan base. Whether you are a new artist or well established, using creative music marketing strategies is key. In order to put together creative music marketing strategies you want to ask yourself questions pertaining why you are doing this and what […]

For many finding a music publisher takes time. Usually you have established yourself as an artist and already have music publishers coming to you. However, with anyone able to put music out on the internet it can be hard to grab the attention of a music publisher. Instead of waiting for someone to come to […]

As technology changes so does the way one promotes their music. It isn’t just about sending records out to major publications and radio stations as music is available to anyone, anywhere. It’s now about making sure that you can get your music to be people as they are on the go. That is where music […]

Looking to find a brand or clothing company for music sponsorship? As a musician finding a music sponsorship can help get your next project off the ground. It can be what gets you that studio time to make the record you’ve always dreamt of making. With the strong knowledge of how to go about getting […]

When it comes to building your name in the music industry knowing how to build your brand strategy is extremely important. Labels want to sign musicians who have a clear message that they can easily see. Just as fans are more likely to follow people they can relate to. Although we may not realize it, […]

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