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Connect With Other Music Professionals | Grow Your Music Career

Do you want to be part of the fastest growing music network? Do you want to work on some of the most exciting and exclusive music projects around? Are you an artist looking for music pros to translate your ideas into commercially-viable music? Are you a music industry professional looking to connect and network with other music professionals? Or are you a brand looking to develop an effective music strategy to help grow your business? You are at the right place. Here at The Music Development Agency, we built an ecosystem where everybody professionals in the music industry can connect, network, laugh, work and get paid.

We're always looking for hardworking and talented music creators such as producers, songwriters, engineers, vocal coaches, musicians; as well as other music industry professionals such as A&Rs, DJs, Music Supervisors, Choreographers, Music Bloggers, Label Executives, Music Directors, Music Journalists, Publicists, PR Managers, Artist Managers, Booking Agents, Radio Personalities, Studio Managers to work on music projects for some of the biggest brands and artists around. We help grow, nurture and sustain music career for those music professionals in our network by collaborating, networking and monetizing their music through our Music Development (professionally-managed production and publishing), Music Showcasing (tours,licensing,live shows,listening sessions), and Brand Partnerships (creating and licensing music for brands, commercials, television, film, marketing agencies). Through these programs, we also collaborate with all players in the music industry including radio stations, record labels, music magazines & blogs, music promoters, streaming services; just to mention a few.

If what you do involves the music business, we'd love to connect with you and discover opportunities to help each other meet our goals. To make sure that you are considered for these opportunities, make sure that you register and complete your profile here.

Here Is Why You Should Join


Meet other music stakeholders, share ideas with like-minds, and grow your network through music events.

Monetize Your Music

Get placements in paid Music Development and license your music through Brand Partnerships

Exclusive Access

Get access to exclusive music events, projects, opportunities, and more.

Be Seen, Be Heard!

Get featured in our and our partners media channels for exposure.

Stay Relevant

Get access to new music, news, events, articles, information about the music industry.

Access Quality Content

Our Music Showcasing programs offers an excellent platform to access a steady stream of new music, interviews, photos, videos, how-to guides.

Free / Discounted Tickets

All members of our network get free or discounted tickets to our and our partners events.
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