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Artists in every genre have a process of creativity. There are a number of facets of the songwriting process, some are creative while some are administrative. These administrative processes tend to slow down the creative processes where artists have a message they communicate through songwriting. For a song to be understood and performed again and […]

Today we hear the word music producer and associate it with the likes of Calvin Harris and Skrillex who are producers in their own right. However, we are taking a look behind the scenes at those who work with some of the top artists in the world to create silver, gold and platinum albums brining […]

When it comes to building your name in the music industry knowing how to build your brand strategy is extremely important. Labels want to sign musicians who have a clear message that they can easily see. Just as fans are more likely to follow people they can relate to. Although we may not realize it, […]

For many, getting that coveted dream job comes from hitting the books, either through a class or program of music study – musicians and singers included. Music majors are increasingly becoming a staple in most liberal arts schools, giving aficionados the chance to immerse themselves in pedagogy while getting their jam on through vocal or […]

“Mastering” is a very foreign term to most musicians and songwriters. Some say it is essential, some say just crank up the volume at the end of the mixing session. To make your songs sound like the radio, mastering is a process that will help achieve a “finished record” sound. What is mastering? Why do […]

This week in Interdisciplinary Arts class I was clacking through a Google Slides delivery on the Beatles, filling in amusing details where I could, when one of my discerning eighth-graders asked a valuable question. “How come they were so great?” she asked.  “I mean, why did people buy their albums, and not those of other […]

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