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Grow Your Music Career Starting Today!

Do you want to work on some of the most exciting music projects around? Want to be part of the network every professional is talking about?

Here at The Music Development Agency, we always have our doors open to hardworking and talented producers, songwriters, engineers, vocal coaches, musicians; whether established or up-and-coming, who are looking to build or continue building their career.

We help grow, nurture and sustain your music career by collaborating, networking and monetizing your music through our Music Development (professionally-managed production and publishing), Music Showcasing (tours,licensing,live shows,listening sessions), and Brand Partnerships (creating and licensing music for brands, commercials, television, film, marketing agencies).


Opportunity to work on exclusive projects.

We provide an opportunity to work on some of the most exciting projects around the world.

Music Development

Guaranteed ongoing work

We also provide them with a structured and organized platform that brings work without the hassle of finding gigs, which allows them to work efficiently and stress-free so they can focus on the music.

Sustain your career

Our projects pay immediately, so you do not have to wait for POs or invoices to be paid at a later date.

Expand your network

You would get an opportunity to work in an environment that fosters collaborating with other creatives and music professionals.

Opportunity for brand partnerships.

Our brand partnerships program enables to partner with brands and not only artists, but with music professionals like yourself as well in different projects.

Professionals of from all backgrounds

We assign music professionals based on genre, content, target audience, sonic texture, and message the artist is searching for to create that hit record.

All types of music professionals

Musicians, producers, recording engineers, mixing engineers, mastering engineering, vocal producers, songwriters, choreographers.

Stress-free environment

We provide a structured and organized platform that brings work without the hassle of finding gigs.

Collaborative environment

We understand that it takes a team of professionals to create a hit record, so we provide you an opportunity to work with other talented professionals.
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