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Go from just making music to having a music career.

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What We Do

We work with music creators to develop and execute effective strategies to create commercially-viable music, grow your brand and monetize your music.


Get a complete support system to create the best music you can create, build your brand and make money from your music, just like you'd get from a record label, but without ever giving up control and ownership of your music.

Songwriters, Producers

Focus on writing and producing music and we'll focus on finding and creating new publishing and licensing opportunities to earn you royalties. We'll also bring you gigs and projects for artists and brands to earn you immediate money and gain experience.

Managers, Record Labels

Whether you're an artist manager or publicist; give your artist an edge in this competitive music market. Let's collaborate on developing and implementing effective campaigns that will cut through the clutter and get your artist to the next level.

Music Brand

Build Your Brand

As you probably already know, fans nowadays don't buy music, but rather they spent billions of dollars yearly buying into lifestyles -- brands. Successful artists today owe most of their success to their internationally recognized names. Aside from your talent, you as an emerging artist must develop and establish a brand that exudes a particular and consistent message in order to become relevant and achieve longevity. Our experienced brand strategists will carefully tailor a narrative and image for your brand that authentically represents who you are as an artist or music creator to open more opportunities.

Making good music alone is no longer enough to sustain and advance your career in this competitive music market.

Music Strategy

Making money in the music industry is hard. But it is entirely possible, with the right strategies and execution.

Monetize Your Music

The likes of Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Beyonce are some examples of music creators that are excelling in earning supplemental revenue from non-traditional channels. It is by no coincidence that all of them have record labels behind them because becoming a successful music professional requires developing foolproof strategies, careful planning, masterful execution, an experienced team and a capable infrastructure. In The Music Development Agency, you, as an emerging music professional can also have an experienced partner working with you at every step to break through at a cost that you can afford and without ever giving up ownership of your music rights and creative freedom.

Music & Artist

Make Quality Music

Before you can create a brand or even think about monetization strategy, you have to lay out the foundation: music. Your music career must be built on a strong foundation of quality music that truly connect with fans. We work with you through the music development process from start to finish. Bring your project for a single, EP, or album and we carefully select a team of experienced producers, songwriters, mixing and mastering engineers, vocal coaches to translate your ideas into commercially-viable music that align with your brand and monetization strategies.

Everything begins with the music. If the music isn't great, if the fans don't love it, nothing else matters.

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