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These seven steps can help you become a full time musician with the help of music monetization. Learn more on how to promote and move your career forward

Brand affinity has become a lot more personal for consumers. So, how can consumer brands build brand loyalty through sustainable music partnerships?

Jumpstart your branding by completing a brand strategy template designed especially for musicians. We'll take you step-by-step to define your brand.

The ways people listen to music are different, causing a change in music production. How do you get that perfect hook that keeps everyone listening?

Show prospective fans why they should care about your music. Learn how to optimize your Twitter profile to attract more fans.

Music strategy is essential for brand partnerships in order to create a connection between them and the consumer.


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After spotting a film,the next step in the music production of film is the writing. How do you make sure this process goes smoothly and in a timely manner?

Moving from an international artist to the US can be a tough thing to do. With the right music strategy you'll be able to achieve your US music dreams.

The music development of hip hop is evident as it has been able to become one of the biggest genres today. But where did it start & how did it get this big?


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Using creative music marketing strategies will help you stay organized, on top of what needs to be done and most importantly grow your fan base.

Finding a music publisher can take time. With these steps you'll be ready to put your music out there and know where to look for the right one.

Technology is rapidly changing, but don't let it stop you. With the use of music promotion apps you can take your career to new levels

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