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In today's competitive music industry, artists find it extremely difficult to build longevity. Music development done right is the foundation. Learn more..

Co-branding can help build your brand, increase a budget for a campaign that you're passionate about and most importantly grow your audience. 

Show prospective fans why they should care about your music. Learn how to optimize your Twitter profile to attract more fans.

Twitter offers a unique and too great an opportunity to ignore for any aspiring musician looking to grow their music career. Learn how to take advantage.

Booking a music showcasing gig could bring you to the next level in your music career. What are you doing wrong and how can you fix that? 

If you're doing this, then you're killing your music career without even knowing it. Learn how to address your self sabotaging patterns.


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YouTube has the potential to shuttle your tracks to the stars. Here's how you can make music promotion through video worth your creative elbow grease.

Music licensing can seem daunting. In order for no one to simply use it for a campaign, it's a good idea to always protect yourself and what you create.

Music streaming is the most popular way to listen to music and aspiring musicians should use it as a means of music monetization. So which service is best?


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Using creative music marketing strategies will help you stay organized, on top of what needs to be done and most importantly grow your fan base.

Finding a music publisher can take time. With these steps you'll be ready to put your music out there and know where to look for the right one.

Technology is rapidly changing, but don't let it stop you. With the use of music promotion apps you can take your career to new levels

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