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Is a music publishing deal the right way for you to go? Is it beneficial? These are the quesitons you need to answer before going through with it.

Twitter offers a unique and too great an opportunity to ignore for any aspiring musician looking to grow their music career. Learn how to take advantage.

Can you make a name for yourself in music by hitting the books? Consider the pros and cons of music study in an academic program.

These seven steps can help you become a full time musician with the help of music monetization. Learn more on how to promote and move your career forward

Booking a music showcasing gig could bring you to the next level in your music career. What are you doing wrong and how can you fix that? 

How do you make a connection last forever? Don't put e-mailing behind you it's the perfect music strategy you need to use in the industry.


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Why only hope to make money off of streaming? Instead, learn how to use music licensing so you can make money off anyone who wants to use your music.

Music monetization can take different forms. The key is knowing what success looks like to you and understanding which path will take you there.

How can you tap a great show to build future audiences? Here are some music promotion tips for employing your success to beef up future crowds.


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Using creative music marketing strategies will help you stay organized, on top of what needs to be done and most importantly grow your fan base.

Finding a music publisher can take time. With these steps you'll be ready to put your music out there and know where to look for the right one.

Technology is rapidly changing, but don't let it stop you. With the use of music promotion apps you can take your career to new levels

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