How To Monetize Your Music Blog

Don't let your blog be a place you simply write turn it into a career. Learn how to monetize your music blog and start a career.

Love the music journalism industry? Having a blog is always beneficial for your career. With the music community always changing, to be part of it you must  actively be working and that can be a lot of work. Interviewing musicians and covering shows while not being paid can be challenging. However, with the internet bigger than it’s ever been, mixed with social media, you can learn how to monetize your music blog.

With monetizing your blog, you can only bring your journalism career to the next level and become a noticed music writer.

Learn how to get started now:

Create great content:

Before diving into ad space, make sure your content is phenomenal. Well written content is what is going to drive people to your site and then tell others that you are who they should be reading.

Drive traffic to your site:

You’ll want to make sure you use SEO hits and keep track of traffic for your site. The more traffic you drive to your site the more visible you become.

Email Marketing:

Keep up with weekly newsletters to advertise the new posts you have. This can also help with driving traffic constantly to your site.

Ad Space:

Sell ad space on your site. You don’t want it to take up tons of space, but it’s a great place to start making money.

Put up your own shop:

This is simple, sell music (digital or physical), clothing or whatever you’d like. It is your site keep and if you have a good following this can really bring you traffic and money.

Paid subscriptions:

With time you can create different packages your readers get. Why do they have a premium subscription? Because you are making content specifically for them to see and watch.


When it comes to learning how to monetize your music blog it may not happy overnight, but with these tools you’ll get to where you want in your music journalism career.

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