Part 3: How To Build A Fan Base For Your Music on Twitter.

How To Build A Fan Base For Your Music on Twitter.
Learn how to grow you a fan base and expose your music to audiences that will engage by targeting relevant people on Twitter.

The Complete Guide: How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Music Career.

Part 3: How To Build A Fan Base For Your Music On Twitter.

How can an up and coming musician build a fanbase on Twitter? That is a question that many musicians ask. Let’s face it, growing an audience of real fans on Twitter is tough especially for emerging musicians. Yet Twitter offers an an opportunity too great to miss for any aspiring musician looking to grow their music career. I went over some of the reasons why in Part 1: Why Twitter (still) matter for musicians.

Twitter takes a lot of time and is difficult to get people to engage consistently. To get results on Twitter, you need a smart strategy that will help you stand out above all the noise. You also need tools that will help you work efficiently. I will go over some strategies that you can use to find people that are likely to connect with your music. Doing so will enable you to build an audience that is interested in your music and will engage with you.

One thing to keep in mind is that your brand must be well-defined to get the best results. Your brand must clearly show who you are and the type of music you make. If your brand is clearly visible to the audience, it becomes easier for them to relate and connect with you.  Here are some resources on how to build a music brand:

How To Build Your Brand Strategy As A Musician

How can musicians build a music brand to interest brands?

One place where your brand should be clearly visible and evident is your Twitter profile. Think about it, your social media profile is the first thing potential fans will likely come into contact with. For potential fans to want to connect with you, your profile must be interesting and relevant to them. It takes some trial and error to get your profile perfect as I discussed in Part 2: How To Optimize Your Twitter Profile To Attract Fans.

Assuming that you have your branding spot on, it’s time for building your fan base. The first step is to identify who your target fans are. And that should have been thoroughly defined when you were building your brand. Therefore our focus here will be on where to find those potential fans on Twitter. The idea here is to find on people that are likely to connect with your music. So let’s go over a few strategies that you can use to do just that.

  • Similar Musicians & Their Fans

One of the most effective strategy to find potential fans is to look for fans of similar musicians. Fans of such musicians are most likely to connect with your music. Look for similar musicians in terms of sound, style, sub-genre, brand, location among other things areas.

  • Other Musicians Your Fans Are Listening To & Their Fans

Another place to look for potential fans is other musicians your current fans are already engaging and listening to. Use audience analysis tools to find music affinities that are common among your fans. There are bound to be some people who would fall in love with your music among fans of such musicians.

  • Music Industry Influencers & Taste-makers In Your Niche

Influencers such as bloggers, radio hosts, DJs, music executives play a crucial role in helping you gain more exposure. Find those influencers who are engaging with similar musicians as they are more likely to connect with your music as well.

  • Music Industry Professionals In Your Niche

As you already know, networking is central to growing a career in the music industry. Identify music professionals such as music producers, blogs, radio hosts, A&Rs, promoters who are engaging with similar musicians and connect with them.

  • Conversations Relevant To Your Music or Niche

There are over 500 million tweets churned through Twitter each day. Buried in all that content are conversations that impact your music career. Listening and engaging in conversations relevant to you is a great way to uncover opportunities to expose your music to potential fans.

  • Inbound Followers & Advocates

The people that follow you first might just be your most valuable potential fans. That group of followers could easily become super-fans with a little nurturing starting with a follow back.


Automation Tools To Help Find Potential Fans on Twitter

Finding potential fans in all those places is an unfathomable task that could easily swallow up every hour of your days. Therefore, here are a couple of tools that can you can use to automate some of those tasks.

1. ByPeers Social CRM


ByPeers - Audience Builder

ByPeers – Audience Builder

ByPeers is a multi-purpose platform that can help musicians find and build relationships with potential fans. This tool is perfect for automating this particular task.

Feature highlight:

  • Audience Builder: Enter handles of all those users such as similar musicians, tastemakers, industry professionals. It will automatically track, filter, and follow potential fans from those usernames for you. You can also track potential fans by hashtags.
  • Content Discovery: Use keywords including hashtags and mentions to track content relevant to your music.
  • Social CRM: In addition to content scheduling capabilities, their Social CRM module allows to nurture connections and turn them into super fans and advocates.

As a matter of fact, we reached out to them for this feature. As a result, they they created a landing page where musicians can learn more about their platform.

Try ByPeers


2. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo - Content Analyzer

BuzzSumo – Content Analyzer

BuzzSumo is a content research and monitoring tool. It can help you find content that is most shared on social media channels.

Feature highlight:

  • Content Analyzer: Enter your niche keyword such as “alternative hip hop” to find content related to that topic on social media. Use filters to drill down relevant content that you can engage with.
  • Trending Feeds:Create feeds to automatically track and notify you of trending content relevant to your music or niche. You may then engage with such content.
  • Influencer Research: Search for bloggers, journalists, tastemakers, brands or any type of influencers impacting your niche in music.

You can try BuzzSumo for free.

Try BuzzSumo


Next: Part 4: How To Use Content To Convert Followers To Fans And Reach More Audiences.


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