Getting Onto Spotify’s Music Streaming Playlists

Breaking onto Spotify's music streaming playlists can be hard. However, with various ways to do so you could see your career skyrocket in no time

A large part of being a musician is other people listening to your music. In order to do that, you need to get your songs on the waves. No matter where your music is played, it’s important that you have access to listeners. In the music industry, music and money is made online. To be successful as an artist, you need to get onto music streaming playlists. As one of the biggest music streaming platforms, Spotify is a great place to use for music streaming.

Not all Spotify playlist are treated the same. Different playlists cater to different listener demographics. Curated playlists have music selected by the in-house music editorial team for Spotify. These playlists generally have millions of followers. Because of their influence, it’s difficult to get added to the prime playlist real estate. Algorithmic playlists generate lists to help listeners discover music. The tailored music of the playlist makes it a handy tool to get noticed. Third-party organizations create branded playlists to expand branding. Some of the playlists have large followers; others help establish brand identities for users. The other types of playlists are those created by platform users. These playlists are relatively simple to get added to and they range from having no followers to thousands.

While you can contact Spotify playlist curators directly and ask to be included, you’re not likely to get much success from that. However, there are several things that can be done to increase your chances of getting recognized and onto music streaming playlists.

Register and Get Verified

Register for an Artist Profile and get verified. The verified status gives you credibility and boosts your profile’s visibility. It also helps others notice of your status. Other perks of the status include adding tour dates, pinning latest releases with a note and mailing out information to fans. However you decide to use your profile page, a verified status gives you more clout and chances to connect with listeners.

Unofficial Playlists

Before you can get onto an official Spotify playlist, you may need to get onto some unofficial playlists. While working with creators of smaller playlists won’t provide you with a large access to listeners, it gives your music a greater chance of a potential fan hearing it. Curators of unofficial lists are more open to featuring artists that don’t have large followings. Build a list of influencers and playlists that you’d like to listen to your music. Reach out to them about being a featured artist and begin multiple streams of listener traffic.

Create Your Own Playlist

If you don’t have enough followers or didn’t make any connections with curators, you can make playlists that feature your music to build a “like-minded” following. The playlist should include at least 20 songs including your music. The more artists that you feature, the more likely you’ll gain followers from those listeners. The playlist should be well structured and organized so that it is searchable. If an artist creates a lot of playlists, they’re giving listeners a greater opportunity to engage and follow. As this builds in momentum, other influencers or curators may reach out to you to include you in their playlist. Creating your own playlists is an indirect approach to attracting attention from listeners and influencers. If you attempt to reach out to curators afterward, it’s a great way to show similar tastes and understanding of the industry.

Promote Spotify

You need to show others that you’re serious and are a good fit for the platform. Take time to promote Spotify on your website, social media and at events. This will help connect your fans while gaining followers on the music platform. Anytime you mention Spotify, you should have a link, follow button, or image that connects people to your music profile.

It helps to come out and ask fans to follow you every so often. Many know that following someone will give news updates when things happen, but you want to show people why they should follow you. If you’re promoting on your website, consider using a Spotify widget to play your music when fans come onto your site. Promotion of the platform can take a lot of work, but if you stick with it and stay connected with your crowd, it will be the gift that keeps on giving.

Learn and Grow from Your Audience

Spotify for Artists is an analytics program on the listeners of the platform. The dashboard explains demographics, number of artists, changes in listener numbers, and more. While the numbers won’t be big for new users, it’s invaluable to an artist that wants to learn about their demographics. Knowing the data and discussing it opens up more opportunities for targeted engagement. Spotify for Artist helps musicians plan events, releases, and media relations.

It’s known that artists who secure a featured spot on a playlist can have a dramatic increase in followers and streams. There have been instances of artists having their music streaming revenue doubled from the exposure. Getting onto a Spotify playlist is difficult because of the completion of space, but it isn’t impossible. Being featured in Spotify’s playlist plays an important role in understanding listener behaviors, song potential, and establishing yourself as a successful musician.

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