Finding A Music Publisher

Finding a music publisher can take time. With these steps you'll be ready to put your music out there and know where to look for the right one.

For many finding a music publisher takes time. Usually you have established yourself as an artist and already have music publishers coming to you. However, with anyone able to put music out on the internet it can be hard to grab the attention of a music publisher. Instead of waiting for someone to come to you, use these tips to figure out when you should reach out to a music publisher.

Know If Your Music Is Ready

  • Before reaching out to any music publisher, make sure your music is ready to be heard. Whichever genre you think your music flows best with, plug it in and see if it flows. Play your music for people and get their feedback beforehand, this will help you with knowing how others hear your music and how it will play in front of music publishers.

Don’t Hop At The First Music Publisher

  • Do your research! It’ll be great when you hear back from a music publisher, but that doesn’t mean you go with the first one you see. Educate yourself and wait until you hear back from others.

Speak With Them

  • If there is a music publisher that is peaking your interest hop on a call, Skype or set up an in person meeting with them. Get to know who they are more than just through email and text. You want someone who is invested in you for more than the pay they will get.

Listen To Yourself

  • If your gut is telling you to sign, do it. However, if you aren’t getting a good feeling from them run with that and keep looking!

If Needed, First Get A Manager

  • If you are a songwriter and artist you’ll want to make sure you start with a manager. However, if you’re simply a songwriter you’ll be good without a manager. However…

Get A Lawyer

  • If you are in a position that a contract is presented to you, find a great lawyer. It’ll save you money in the long run and make sure that everything you sign is good for you.

Now that you’ve gotten a music publisher or are on your way here a few more things to know:

Understanding If It’s A Fair Deal

  • A clear end date to the contract
  • Enough control to approve usage for certain opportunities
  • Royalty rates that are as high as possible with minimum deductions
  • Access and transparency

Where To Look For Music Publishers

Good luck and keep working hard to find the music publisher, it’ll be worth it after all the hard work!

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