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Get featured on our platform, expose your music to more people and gain new fans. Take 5 minutes of your time to create a profile and you will have a new platform to promote your music for free.

steps to get featured

Step 1: Register your profile

To make sure that we give this opportunity to serious artists, we have to approve the artist before we can start promoting them and their music. To complete the approval process, make sure that you registered, and submit your music following instruction at in Steps 1 – 4 above.

Step 2: Submit your music

While completing your profile, make sure that you submit your music using Soundcloud and/or YouTube sections. You may include links your music such as Spotify, Apple Music or wherever you distribute your music. You may update the Featured Video and/or track IDs section in your profile to promote new music or video.

Step 3: engage & network

Also, we’d like to use this platform to encourage artists to support each other. For that reason, please retweet,like, comment with constructive feedback on other artist’s content we post across our social media platforms. The more you interact and support others, the more we promote your content as well.

Get Your Music Heard

Take about 5 minutes to submit your music and you'll have one more outlet to expose your music to more new fans.

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