Do you know an unsigned music artist you think should be the next breakout star? Our partners including @Mi5Ent are giving $100,000 to the next break-out star chosen by fans in 2021! You can help your favorite upcoming to become the next breakout artist in 2021 by voting for them. To vote, simply tweet or post on Instagram including #FansDecide100k followed by the @handle of the artist you’re voting for and see them battle it out on the live chart below! Any post on Twitter and/or Instagram including the artist handle and hashtag #FansDecide100k by @Mi5ent would count as a vote.

Your tweet/instagram post should include the following:

@artistUsername #FansDecide100k by @Mi5ent



Artists, what's a better way to showcase your talent & new music to fans? Register, complete your profile, and invite your fans to vote for you. Keep yourself at #1 the longest and you will win a $100,000 contract for music and artist development and promotion. Monthly chart-toppers will also be considered to feature on

in addition to our
Online Presence Music Press Release & Promotion


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TERMS FOR #FansDecide100k VOTING
  • The chart is open to all musicians not signed directly or indirectly to a major record label or any label with ties to a major label, of any genres from anywhere in the world who are least 16 years of age and must have publicly released records prior to entering this chart.
  • Entering this chart, having your profile verified by The Music Development Agency or finishing on top of any leaderboard, chart, or chart does not constitute entering into any agreement or contract, or a promise or guarantee of anything by The Music Development Agency, it's partners and/or affiliates.
  • All submitted music and content related to this chart must be original or performer must have acquired all the required rights to any non-original music or content. This includes, but not limited to YouTube videos, audio tracks, cover art.
  • The chart hashtag(s) are for submitting, voting or tagging content and conversations pertaining the chart only and must not be used for any promotion of any products, companies or offers not related to and not approved by The Music Development Agency. Any nominees, chartant, participant, sponsor or fan who abuse the chart hashtag or voting system shall be disqualified and banned from this chart and any other chart, promotions or activities by The Music Development Agency. All offending content will also be blocked.
  • Voters May Retweet As Many Times As They Wish.
  • Selected artist(s) will be notified via email or telephone call and must respond within seven days of receiving the notification email or else will forfeit their entry position.
  • Inappropriate, offensive and harmful submissions, as well as submissions that do not fit the brief and follow the guidelines, will be removed.
  • The Music Development Agency and its partners reserve the right to disqualify and remove any chartant or any fan at any stage from the chart for any reason they deem necessary, including but not limited preserving the integrity of the Company, its partners, the chart or other chartants.
  • Winner shall be selected based only on votes and any other metrics as collected and indicated by The Music Development Agency. Any other metrics, including directly from social media or any other third party shall not determine the results for this chart. The results announced by The Music Development Agency is final and not subject to revision by any means, unless such revision is initiated and sanctioned only by The Music Development Agency.
  • The Music Development Agency reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at any stage of the chart without any notification, so be sure regularly check for any updates regularly.
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