E-mails Aren’t Dead, The Music Strategy You Need

How do you make a connection last forever? Don't put e-mailing behind you it's the perfect music strategy you need to use in the industry.

The internet has opened new opportunities in nearly every aspect of humanity. From uploading new songs to inviting people to events, people in the music industry have sought to connect music to the listener. Social media has been transformative in helping artists grow their fan base, connect with individuals, and score gigs. While it’s a great tool for some instances, it’s not the only one that can be used. E-mails are still that one music strategy you need today.

Social media can feel one-sided or shallow, it’s time-consuming and often people are working in direct competition with others in the same industry. Having dialogue that effects the sales of your product is incredibly important. If you’re not achieving a lot of sales or looking to gain further insight into your fan base, consider using e-mails as a music strategy as well. The power of the e-mail is in being able to start or influence a conversation with someone that is already familiar with your brand to drive sales.

Many assume only big companies and blogs use e-mails, but they can be life saving for a lot of industries, your own included. With e-mails, you have a direct way to monetize your product or music. To do so, you need to understand your fan funnel. This is when people discover your music and listen to it online. Those that have increased interest become leads that then allow you to make sales from those fans. From there, it’s a matter of creating more sales opportunities for the fan customers.

Different social media platforms, websites and e-mails give you an opening to create more dialogue with your fans. That dialogue can then be focused to generate income from your fans. The best part of e-mails in this manner is that you don’t have any third parties directing your brand’s message or plug their service in. E-mails are personal and direct with people that are already familiar with your brand. They allow you to stay connected with individuals on a slightly more personal level. Whether you’re introducing a new lineup or discussing a recent purchase, e-mails give you a direct connection to your fans.

Grow Your E-mail List

Think about a couple different ways that you can incentivize your product. Incentives could include a free song for an e-mail address, access to private fan pages, or a product discount code. Have links to your e-mail signup page anywhere people listen to your song or view the product. The more you give people the chance to connect with the brand, the bigger the likelihood they will click, signup and buy. Make sure that the link to your e-mail sign-up page is visible and doesn’t confuse anyone with extra information.

E-mail Services

Find an e-mail service that will allow you to send specialized e-mails to your fans and customers. Look over the various pros and cons to decide on what is most interesting to you. Some of the most helpful tools include automated mailing, easy to use widgets, and e-mail customization, templates, and tracking. Keep in mind the more features you want to use, the more it will cost, however, still comes at a great price for music strategy. From another perspective, you may want to use more features in the future, but not at the moment. Being able to scale up your e-mail service plan will be important as well. Popular e-mail services include Mailchimp, G Suite, Go Daddy, and Email Octopus.

Plan Your Messages

Before truly beginning the process of e-mail marketing to your fans, you should have a plan in mind. Decide on an effective frequency for communication. You don’t want to flood people’s inbox and possibly have them unsubscribe. Yet you also don’t want to send an e-mail every blue moon. Figure out the timing that works perfectly for you and your fans. Consider the topics that you will discuss with fans. A new single or video release could be a great way of starting the conversation. You can use e-mails to talk about back story or gearing people up for an upcoming concert. Have a goal in mind and make sure that each e-mail gets you closer to achieving that goal. Think about what your fans would be most interested in hearing from you.

Manage Your E-mails

As you send out more e-mails, you will need to manage your messages. Certain people may require quick confirmations and others may need detailed statements. These become more evident as you continue building your mailing list. Make sure the e-mail service you select gives you the amount of flexibility you need in order to communicate effectively with your fans and customers. As your list grows, you should be able to analyze your digital traffic. This can help you better understand what your fans are more interested in or what they are more likely to buy.

As you gain a larger fan base, you should see an increase in e-mail signups. This in turn will provide a greater amount online interactions and sales. Ultimately the fans are looking to interact with the artist in a greater capacity. If it’s access to a new song, make sure the song keeps the fan wanting more. If you’re selling a product or talking about an upcoming concert, think about the relevance of the message. Consider putting yourself in your fan’s place when they sign up for your e-mail list. The effectiveness of your e-mail will be based on the impact of your music, so make sure you’re up to par!

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