Chance The Rapper Dances Away His SNL Fears In New Promo

Chance The Rapper is set to appear on SNL this weekend, but is he ready for it? 

This Saturday, Chance the Rapper is set to make his debut as a host on SNL.

Chance has twice previously appeared on the late-night sketch program as a musical guest, for the first time in December of 2015 and the second in December of last year. Earlier this year, he received an Emmy nomination for his contributions to the Run-DMC parody video “Jingle Barack,” featured in his most recent stint as a musical guest. Unlike many other musical guests taking a stab at hosting duties, Chance will not also be serving as the show’s musical guest, with that honor falling to Eminem, who recently released his new single “Walk on Water” featuring Beyonce.

However, this is not the first time we have seen Chance take a jab at acting as he starred in Vice’s short “Mr. Happy” back in 2015. Although the 23-year-old sticks mainly to music, if what he did in that short can speak for his acting chops, it’s safe to say he will nail his SNL hosting duties.

Today, SNL released a promo for the upcoming Chance episode. The promo, titled “SNL Host Chance the Rapper Dances it Out,” begins with Chance asking regular cast member Beck Bennett how he’s going to be ready to host Saturday. Bennett responds by saying he gets himself relaxed to perform by dancing, immediately segueing into a bright red techno-infused dance montage. Joining Chance and Bennett are fellow cast regulars Kate McKinnon and Pete Davidson, followed shortly thereafter by cast newbies Heidi Gardner and Chris Redd. The promo ends with veteran cast member Keenan Thompson walking by the room where the dance party is happening to see the six of them awkwardly dancing without music or strobe lights. He assumes they’ve been “smoking his stuff” and then walks away, shaking his head.

Both Chance and his musical guest Eminem have recently found themselves in the news for political reasons recently. Eminem set the internet on fire with his anti-Trump freestyle at the BET awards a few weeks back while Chance, who is highly involved in the politics of his hometown Chicago, saw Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel walk out of a city council meeting where Chance was speaking critically of a recent bill supported by Emmanuel.

With two musicians on, it’ll be interesting to see where the episode goes. Here’s hoping we at least get a Chance and Eminem collaboration out of it!


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