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Brand Sponsorships & Partnerships - A place where the music community and brands can come together and help each other meet their goals.

Each and every aspect of our overall platform is an opportunity for our partners, sponsors and our artists to promote their brands. For example, sponsored projects enable us to use our content as distribution channels for brand promotion / integration, in-content product placements, and embedded advertisements. Those brand promotions channels include, but not limited to music videos, lyrical content, interviews, web and social media content, and apparel. Our showcasing program in itself is a great multi-channel platform that can be used by our partners to effectively promote their brands.

In our brand sponsorship and partnership program, we want to help corporate businesses get a chance to collaborate with major and independent artists to help grow their brands by connecting them through music projects and events. This does not only help businesses promote their brands through the music industry, but also helps up and coming artist get more exposure through different channels.

We form strategic partnerships within music industry and corporate brands to create monetization opportunities for artists, as well as grow brands for both the artists and our partners. We partner with both industry brands such as record labels, radio stations, entertainment/music blogs, film multimedia studios,cable networks as well as general corporate entities. We utilize these partnerships to open monetization opportunities for our artists as well as brand promotion for our partners.

Both our showcasing and music development programs are great avenues for corporate brands to engage with the music community. We specifically have a brand promotion program that enables corporate brands to promote themselves using the channels available through our music development and showcasing programs. Some of these channels include  Sponsored Projects..Sponsored Events..Product Endorsements..Product Sponsorships and Advertisements.
Our brand promotion program creates a place where corporate brands and artists can come together and help each other meet their goals. Ultimately creating a platform where the independent artist and the corporate brand can coexist and mutually benefit.

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