The Best Social Media Platforms Musicians Can Use for Music Marketing

Social media has grown incredibly in the last decade. Therefore, it only makes sense that musicians use these platforms to promote their music.

Since the introduction of the internet, endless opportunities have opened to promote, sell and even create music. If you don’t have any type of social media account, it’s almost as if you’re living off the grid and don’t exist. Therefore, social media must be the key to promoting your music to your audience.

However, social media is not just a marketing platform. It’s used as a way to connect and interact with people, and more importantly your fans. A great idea is to make 70% of your posts funny, interactive and thought provoking, while 30% should be used for your music marketing.

How Do These Platforms Differ?

  • Twitter

Tweeting the progress of an album while you’re writing it, producing it, or performing it can really add a well-needed push to get your audience hyped up that new music is coming and you haven’t forgotten about your fans! It’s also a quick, fun way to connect with those who have questions about your music!

  • Facebook

Facebook has a huge promotional side to their platform. You can pay them to distribute advertisements to certain demographics all over the world! This is a must for new comers to the music industry. Investing $100-200 in a campaign promoting your new album or music can result in thousands of views to your Facebook page; money well spent!

  • Micro-Vlogging

Using video blogging apps/sites such as YouTube or Vliz, you can create that all important bond musicians desperately crave with their fans. If you’re out on tour, create some content on one of these services showing what you’ve been up to, why you’re on tour and what’s coming up next!

  • Instagram

Sharing a photo every now again on Instagram is not only a great way to connect with fans, but a way to promote your music. With Instagram’s new advertising partnerships, you can promote images in a similar style to Facebook’s service; reaching demographics on a worldwide scale.

  • SoundCloud

Raking in over 175 million users every month, SoundCloud is one of the more popular music streaming services for freelancers. This site is designed for users to upload and share their music creators with people.


Understanding Your Audience:

When publishing a marketing scheme to any social media platform, you must have an eye-catching post with a certain level of engagement. This strategy is focused on understanding who your audience is and who your fans are. You may be aware of what kind of music your audience likes, so use this as a way to understand how they respond to it on social media.

Be aware that some fans may like different types of engagement. For example, one group may prefer viewing videos about your tour, while others may wish to reply to your tweets about new music on Twitter.

Understand How to be Successful

In order to be successful with your music marketing on social media, you must understand the key concepts related to success in social media advertisements. Those include:

  • Understanding your fan base. Learning their demographics, age and country can help you create promotions that are effective and engaging.
  • Using multiple platforms. Don’t just create a Twitter account and hope for the best! Invest your time in creating legitimate social media accounts on all the major platforms.


Music marketing has without a doubt taken a drastic digital turn in the last decade. With the introduction of platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, musicians have overwhelming opportunities to push their music out to those who want to hear it. That being said, musicians have the opportunity to go the extra mile by implementing marketing schemes into new features these platforms are revealing, such as live streams. The true power of social media lies in its power to control your music and determine your own success.


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