The Best Music Promotion Apps

Technology is rapidly changing, but don't let it stop you. With the use of music promotion apps you can take your career to new levels

As technology changes so does the way one promotes their music. It isn’t just about sending records out to major publications and radio stations as music is available to anyone, anywhere. It’s now about making sure that you can get your music to be people as they are on the go. That is where music promotion apps come in handy. Just as everyone else is on the go, you as a musician are most likely always on the go. Don’t let that hold you back, instead use these music promotion apps to help you.


  • Offers both basic membership (free) to a premium plan ($19.95)
  • Promote music, videos, upcoming tours
  • Interact with fans & increase fan engagement
    • Get feedback from fans on new music
  • Pitch music for commercial licensing to major brands
    • Track statistics during campaigns


  • Ranges from free to a paid membership
  • Easy to navigate and start putting music on the site
  • Has helped kick off careers for major musicians
  • Track with statistics and market towards certain areas
  • Cross promote with other social media sites


  • Upload your music via Spotify or YouTube
  • Sign up for Last.FM
  • Last.FM will add your music to different playlists
    • Helpful with gaining an more listeners


  • Made for fan engagement
  • Have fans create VIP accounts for exclusives from you
  • Sell merchandise
  • Build your fanbase


  • For starters it’s free
  • Upload music and videos
  • Synchs you with other musicians similar to you
  • Connects musicians, venues and party planners
  • Don’t wait for the venue to come to you, come to it through GigTown

With these music promotion apps you can not only promote your music, but build your fan engagement, book venues, get onto playlists and connect with major brands. Don’t let technology stand in your way, take advantage of it and continue to grow your music career in ways you didn’t know.

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