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Artist Services

Go From Just Making Music To Having An Actual Music Career.

Build Your Brand

Our experienced brand strategists will carefully tailor a narrative and image for your brand to grow and open more opportunities:

- Creative Design
- Creative Content
- EPKs
- Asset Development (logos, website)

Monetize Your Music

We will make a comprehensive analysis of your current accomplishments, strengths, and weaknesses and help to put into place a custom action plan that sets you on a path to making money from your music through :

- Brand Partnerships
- Publishing & Licensing
- Placements & Bookings
- Music Distribution

Promote Above The Noise

We work with you to develop and execute effective marketing strategies to expose your music to more and more audiences through:

- Fan Base Acquisition
- Social Media Strategy
- Industry Networking
- Press & PR
- Rollout/Release Strategy

Get Funding

Working in music can mean an almost constant struggle to find the money to keep things going.

- Leverage Our Partner Investor & Sponsor Network
-Identify & Apply For Grants / Loans
- Write Pitches / Proposals / Business Plans
- Negotiate Agreements

Create Your Best Music

We bring in a team of experienced producers, songwriters to help you to translate your ideas into commercially-viable music that align with your brand and monetization strategies

- Songwriting & Production
- Mixing & Mastering
- Video Production

Sell Merchandise

We put beautiful designs on a multitude of products and ensure your fans have access to buy their favorite gear wherever they encounter it.

- Product Design
- eCommerce Setup
- Manufacturing & Fulfilment
- Licensing

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Artist Services

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