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Music always had the power to connect with people on a deep and emotional level. As a result, consumer brands have always looked for opportunities to leverage music-inspired experiences to reach, engage and build long lasting bonds with consumers. On the other hand, artists welcomed partnership overtures from consumer brands for reasons traditionally centered around […]

The Music Industry has evolved greatly showing  the challenges we can expect in the future. It is safe to say today’s generation is a streaming generation. Whether it’s movies, T.V shows, video games and more, all sorts of entertainment are available with just a few clicks. The music industry is especially affected by this. Today, […]

Since the introduction of the internet, endless opportunities have opened to promote, sell and even create music. If you don’t have any type of social media account, it’s almost as if you’re living off the grid and don’t exist. Therefore, social media must be the key to promoting your music to your audience. However, social […]

Music Licensing meets another way of expression through Creative Commons  specially in the music industry. Matter of fact, the  most important point for artists who write their own music is preserving copyright to maximize  revenues generated by the musical composition. In this aspect, music licensing has always been crucial for the music business. As a […]

Music is often described as a universal language. Throughout history, Humans have communicated through using music; even before we learned how to communicate by speaking to one another. That being said, brands can without a doubt benefit from implementing a music strategy into their marketing scheme. Marketing has become more personal than ever in the […]

The trend in the music industry works by reaching the world in streaming. Although is well known that companies need to engage the public, and nowadays it is obvious how building an audience should be helped by social media,  what is not  clear is how other options have been growing in the last two years. […]

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