A music strategy platform powering collaboration between brands and musicians.

The Music Development Agency is a fast-growing platform where music and consumer brands meet, forming powerful partnerships fueled by technology and culture to reach, engage, and create long lasting bonds with consumers and fans. In other words, we leverage the power of music to grow brands and music careers.

We specialize in creating music and brand initiatives that are truly cutting-edge.

Music is a compelling vehicle for brands to develop deep emotional connections with consumers. Therefore, rather than “telling” consumers about your brand, we let them "experience" it within relevant influence of music. Our passion is to identify existing and create new opportunities within the context of music to propel growth.

Ready to leverage music to grow your brand?

Let us show you some great music opportunities your brand can take advantage of.

We bring together world's top talent and brands for initiatives that are equally rewarding to brands, artists and fans.

Music Marketing | Promotion | Press Releases

Attract media attention and increase your visibility to music influencers, taste makers and music lovers through music-curated journalists and blogger network.

  • Reach and engage new fans via organic search on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing.
  • Increase online visibility by leveraging our online syndication network, partner websites and reach thousands of potential fans in your target audience.
  • Increase visibility to music taste makers and influencers through our lists of music industry-specific, curated journalists and blogger network.
  • Increase social media visibility to maximize your opportunities for retweets, shares and likes by including our unique social media distribution options with your release.


Music Blog

Music Modernization act creates a formalized body that administers the "mechanical licensing" of music compositions.

"Want to make music? To be your own boss? Work flexible hours? Then a post in music production writing may just be your calling."

H.R. 5547, the Music Modernization Act (MMA) is a bill that recently was passed to bring copyright regulation into the digital music streaming industry.


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